Syngenta Canada Unveils New Pulse Seed Treatment for 2024

Syngenta Canada has announced the registration of Vibrance Total, a new fungicide pulse seed treatment offering what they say is the most comprehensive and advanced level of protection found on the market today.

With five modes of action, Vibrance Total provides broad-spectrum disease control, including enhanced protection against Ascochyta blight.

Vibrance Total is the only pulse seed treatment on the market with a new active ingredient, giving growers highly effective protection against 13 different Pythium species found in western Canadian soils.

Pythium is a serious pulse root pathogen, infecting the seeds and seedlings before emergence, threatening up to 50% of plant stand.

In seeds and seedlings, Pythium infections can result in plant death prior to seed germination and seedling death after emergence.

Vibrance Total will be available for the 2024 growing season.

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