KAP Worried About Effect of PSAC Strike on Manitoba Agriculture

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) is raising concerns with the potential impacts
of strike action taken y members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada
(PSAC) on Manitoba farmers and the agricultural sector.
“PSAC represents thousands of public service employees who play a key role in the
delivery and administration of agricultural programs and services, including the suite
of business risk management programs and programming in the new Sustainable
CAP that producers rely so heavily on to help run their operations” said KAP
President, Jill Verwey.
The majority of Canadian Grain Commission employees who play an essential role in
the grain handling system through outward inspection, export certification and
producer payment security are also affected by this strike action.
“KAP respects the rights of Canadian workers to collective action,” stated Verwey.
“However, this strike could negatively impact grain shipments resulting in backlogs
and restricted cash flow for farmers, as well as increased demurrage costs for grain
companies. Restrictions in cash flow could hamper a farmer’s ability to market their
remaining 2022 crop as well as their ability to purchase inputs for the 2023 crop
KAP expressed their concerns in writing to both the Government of Canada and PSAC
prior to strike action taking place, as well as calls to ensure this strike action does not
have an impact on producers and affect the already fragile agricultural supply chain
“KAP calls on both PSAC and the Government of Canada to continue an open
dialogue through negotiations, with adequate contingencies in place to minimize
negative impacts on the grain handling system and ensure that all agricultural
programs continue to be delivered uninterrupted,” concluded Verwey.

(KAP News Release)

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