Cargill employees in Guelph reach a deal, Calgary workers voting on an offer

One Cargill strike might be over, but another might be waiting in the wings.

Workers at the ready made plant in Calgary, that processes beef from the plant in nearby High River, voted Monday on a tentative contract offer. The results should be known sometime Wednesday.

Last month, one-hundred per cent of those workers said they would back strike action if the company didn’t provide an acceptable deal. The Calgary plant packages meat that is then sent to stores that don’t have their own meat cutters, like Fresh-Co or No Frills.

On the weekend, close to one-thousand workers at the Cargill beef plant near Guelph Ontario accepted a new offer from the company and were back on the job on the job yesterday. That strike lasted more than 40 days.

It forced some producers there to ship their cattle across the prairies to the High River plant for slaughter.

They had the option of shipping their animals south into the US, but there are still issues at the border with live cattle that have been in place since BSE, more than two decades ago.

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