Manitoba Releases its Latest Crop Pest Update

Insects: Both striped and crucifer flea beetles are present. In most regions, reports of high levels of damage to
canola are minimal so far. In some areas of the Northwest region, flea beetles are starting to reach threshold on
emerged canola, and farmers are starting to make insecticide applications. In some regions farmers and
agronomists have commented on the flea beetle levels and feeding on volunteer canola and other cruciferous
plants being less than last year. Some seedcorn maggots have been reported from a sunflower field in the Central
region, but no serious damge. Wireworms and damage from their feeding have been noticed on some wheat in the
Southwest region.

Disease: With rainfall amounts throughout Manitoba being well above normal since the beginning of May, and
with Growing Degree Day accumulations being lower than average, we would usually see more seedling diseases
than in other years. That has not been the case so far in 2024. Have a series of dry growing seasons led to a
decrease in stubble-borne inoculum? Or have environmental conditions not been favourable for infection?

Weeds: Cool weather and rain/snow from last week have slowed weed growth somewhat but weeds like wild oats
are really prevalent. As seeding continues be mindful of surrounding crops when spraying burnoff products. Many
crops have emerged and are vulnerable to spray drift, especially with glyphosate. High winds while spraying have
contributed to some drift issues on emerged crops.

(Government of Manitoba news release)

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