CWA signs two MOUs to grow the brand, collaborate with international peers

Canadian Western Agribition signed a pair of agreements with their Mexican and Australian counterparts to encourage more international trade, collaboration, and, from Agribition’s point-of-view, promote Canadian cattle genetics.

The Memorandum of Understanding with Congreso de las Estrellas was signed on March 23 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Kindopp says will it focus on how to grow Congreso de las Estrellas, an annual show which is in its third year. 

“We have a large Mexican delegation that comes (to Agribition) every year, so again it’s nice to be down there and support (them),” Kindopp said. “Just take what we’ve learned over our past 53 years and helping them become an event better show down in Guadalajara.”  

The MOU with Beef Australia was signed in Rockhampton, Australia on May 8, focusing on getting more producers from Down Under to be at Agribition in Regina. Kindopp noted Australia has their own cattle show, run every three years, and part of the MOU involves sharing ideas on how to make each respective show better.

From CWA’s perspective on how to make the show better, Kindopp said it comes down to “being a place where people come to do business is something we take very seriously.” 

“For them, when they come up to Agribition, a lot of that is to look at the incredible livestock that we have, and then a larger focus on the genetics.” he said.

“We don’t just want to live in the bubble of Saskatchewan — there’s a lot happening in the livestock industry around the world. For us it’s good to be out there and be visible and understand what’s happening — looking at trends, talking with producers and telling them why they should come to Canada. It’s a long flight but I believe last year we had a little bit more — around 50 people that came from Australia to Canadian Western Agribition, which is something we’re proud of.” Kindopp said when asked about a portion of the news release saying these agreements are intended to “break barriers in their respective markets with the livestock industry top of mind.”

He says CWA has plans to sign additional MOU’s in the future. 

“There’s a lot of great shows around the world; we were talking with people from Scotland today, we’re having conversations with people in Argentina. There’s a lot of great conversations we’re having around the world…we just got to get there and get them here.”

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