Saskatchewan agri-food exports to Indo-Pacific Region surpass $7-billion in 2023

Saskatchewan’s agri-food exports to the Indo-Pacific region in 2023 were $7.28 billion, according to the provincial government.

The Indo-Pacific region includes China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and India. 

Top agri-food exports to the region were canola seed, non-durum wheat, dry peas, lentils, and barley. The province noted the total value of agri-food exports increased nearly 10 percent over the previous year.

China — Saskatchewan’s second largest export market behind the United States —  was the top exporting destination in 2023 with $4.3-billion worth of agri-food products shipped there, followed by Japan, India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

Of the nine provincial trade offices in the world, five of them are located in the Indo-Pacific region — in China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and India.

Total shipments of agri-food products in 2023 were valued at $20.2 billion, surpassing the province’s 2030 Growth Plan target of $20-billion.

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