Agribition sees report revenue, sponsorships, and rodeo attendance

Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) finances were in the green for the second year in a row.

Last year’s net profit was $75,000, down slightly from last year’s profit of $83,450.

Agribition’s CEO, Shaun Kindopp, said the organization is in a good spot despite the lower profits.

“For the second consecutive year, we’ve got revenue at $4.6 million, record sponsorship at over $1.3 million, and record rodeo attendance,” he said. “When you look at coming out of the pandemic and the state that Canadian Western Agribition is in, it’s in a good state, and we are trending upwards.”

Total attendance was 142,807 for the six days, the most since 2005.

Kindopp says that although there is much competition for sponsorship dollars, Canadian Western Agribition remains an important brand.

“We want to be the organization that is left in those budgets as you move forward, so that’s something we are quite excited about,” he said. “The new team that we have, all of the emphasis with momentum is still stopping and looking around and making sure that we got processes in place to ensure that we are fiscally responsible, but also looking to streamline our processes and our efficiencies.”

Kindopp added that several new initiatives last year, such as a golf tournament and the Canadian Animal Agtech Awards, contributed to their success.

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