Canada’s Major Railways Struggle to Meet Grain Transport Needs in Week 30

CN and CPKC Rail supplied a combined 77% of hopper cars ordered in grain week 30, unchanged from the prior two weeks. 

While overall system performance was unchanged, this reflects improvement for CN and deterioration in performance for CPKC as compared to the prior week. 

In supplying 80% of cars ordered by shippers in week 30 CN saw performance improve from the70% order fulfillment performance seen in week 29. 

CN performance remains below the 90% performance threshold for the eighth consecutive week and reaching the 80% performance threshold for the first time in six weeks. 

CPKC performance declined from the prior week with the railway supplying 73% of shipper orders in week 30 as compared to 86% in each of the prior two weeks. 

CPKC performance remains below the 90% threshold for the sixth consecutive week. 

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