Word of yellow mustard being phased out at Subway trends on social media

There are trending topics every day on social media, on Friday it was Subway and yellow mustard.

A Friday morning post on X—formerly known as Twitter—by Canada’s Food Professor Dr. Sylvain Charlebois at Dalhousie University in Halifax started the ball rolling. He said Subway has told its Canadian franchisees that yellow mustard would no longer be made available because it was a “slow moving product”

People on social media don’t believe that and want their yellow mustard back. Rick Mitzel, the executive director of SaskMustard, weighed in.

“The individual stores probably still have access to purchase yellow mustard (from) other suppliers so I’m not sure you’re going to see this happen as a widespread thing because again my understanding is some of the individual owners can still purchase it.” Mitzel said.

Canada is the world’s largest yellow mustard seed exporter and Saskatchewan is the largest mustard seed producing province.

(Neil Billinger, CJWW)

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