GSU claims Viterra hasn’t “honoured their word” on providing salary increase as per ratified agreement

The General and Grain Services Union, which represents 436 Viterra workers between Locals 1 & 2, appear to have a new bone to pick with the company.

In a news release late Friday afternoon, GSU states when members of Locals 1 (Viterra Country Operations and Maintenance) and 2 (Viterra Regina Head Office) voted on Viterra’s final offer last month, it included the following language: ““Effective January 1, 2023, and subject to the terms herein, the Company shall pay a salary increase of 4.5% to all employees covered by this agreement. This increase shall be added to the recipient employees’ rates of pay.”

The union claims Viterra has not provided this salary increase to date, and go as far to accuse the company of deciding to “exclude members they feel aren’t eligible.” GSU also claims about 25 percent of employees between both locals are affected by this.“I reached out to Viterra several times this week, and today received a response from Viterra that they believe that the 4.5% increase, not based on any individual performance, will only apply to those using the company’s pay for performance eligibility criteria,” said GSU general secretary Steve Torgerson. “Members voted on the company’s final offer based on what it contained, and for the company to pull a switcheroo is disappointing. Throughout 15 months of negotiations we’ve reiterated the members’ desire for their employer to acknowledge their efforts at work and respect their home life. This action seems to suggest that Viterra is indifferent to its employees.”  

The union and local members are “examining all available options to enforce the agreement.”

“We are ready to do what it takes to make this right and have Viterra honour their word.” Torgerson added.

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