USDA Report says American farmers are growing more pulse crops

US farmers are growing more lentils, pea, and chickpeas.

The final 2023 production estimates were released by the US Department of Agriculture last Friday.

Improved yields more than offset a decline in lentil area south of the border. Lentil production was up 1.5 percent, even with a 20 percent decline in area. The average lentil yield in the States was 1,098 pounds per acre.

Pea production was 820-thousna tonnes – up more than 100,000 thousand from 2022 and roughly double the pea crop grown in 2021/22.

Chickpea in the states had an average yield of 1,315 pound per acre. Combine that with a four percent increase in seeded area, there was 214-thousand tonnes of chickpeas.

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