Loblaws decision to discontinue 50 percent discount of near-expiring food not well received

A decision by Canada’s largest grocer isn’t sitting well with a federal New Democrat MP. 

Alistair MacGregor, who sits on the commons ag committee is demanding the competition bureau get involved in the decision by Loblaw. 

After facing pressure from Dalhousie university, the company confirmed it was ending its practice of placing 50 percent off tags on food items at its stores that are close to their due dates. 

From now on, the discount on those items will be limited to 30 percent.  A statement from the company says the change is being made in order to have more consistent and predictable pricing, inline with their competition.  It’s the final part of that statement that’s causing concern for some.  Sylvain Charlebois, Canada’s food professor says it points to the suggestion of collusion. 

MacGregor wants the competition bureau to investigate whether possible anti-competitive practices are behind the decision at Loblaw.

(Dean Thorpe, CFCW)

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