Another week of mixed cattle prices in Saskatchewan

The weekly Cattle Market Update issued by Canfax shows prices for feeder steer and heifers in Saskatchewan were mixed once again.

For the week ending December 1st, feeder steer prices in the 500-600, 600-700, and 800-900lb categories were down week-over-week, while the 300-400 and 400-500lb categories were up. The 700-800lb category was unchanged at $327.50 per hundred weight (per cwt) and there was no price available in the 900+lb category.

Feeder heifer prices in the 300-400 through to the 600-700lb categories saw decreases from the prior week, except for the 700-800 and 800-900lb categories which saw prices go up.

Saskatchewan feeder steer and heifer prices for the week ending December 1. Credit: Canfax

Provincial Cattle Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Fonda Froats says volatility in the futures market continues to be a factor as well as good weather in the fall which helped maintain prices and demand from buyers.

Canfax noted cattle going to auction in Saskatchewan declined this past week to 17,316 head from the 27,940 reported the previous week. Despite the decline, the year-to-date total of cattle marketed in Saskatchewan is 3 percent above 2022, at 615,716 head.

Prices of Alberta cows were also mixed last week.

Canfax reported “D2 cows were unchanged from the previous week to average $122.29 per cwt while D3 cows were down $3.41 per cwt from the prior week, ending the week at an average price of $106.79 per cwt.

A price for Alberta fed steers was not established for the week ending December 1. The market was said to be steady to weaker compared to the previous week when the price averaged $228.19 per cwt.”

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