Sask. Ag Ministry Needs More Crop Reporters

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture is looking for additional crop reporters for the next growing season.

Crops Extension Specialist MacKenzie Hladun says being a crop reporter doesn’t take much time out of the week – between five to ten minutes.

Once a person signs up, the Ag Ministry will send a package containing a rain gauge, a calendar, and a booklet of questions to answer throughout the year. Every week those answers are submitted to the Ministry.

“The hardest question we ask is often how much rain did you get,” said Hladun.

She says once in a while specific questions will be asked in case any specific event happens during the week. Hladun also says there is space to provide general comments of “anything important that’s going on in your community such as any sort of issues you’re seeing in the field.”

“We also take that into account when we write our (provincial) crop report as well.” she added.

Hladun says you don’t have to worry about your name going public as all information provided by all crop reporters is anonymous.

She adds the Ministry doesn’t mind having more than one reporter in one crop district.

“We only ask that you ever report on the areas that you know about so that can be either your field specifically or your R.M. depending on how much you drive.”

There is collaboration amongst other crop reporters, and Hladun says it’s a great way to build friendships and connections.

There are currently 200 crop reporters in the province.

The number to call, if interested in being a crop reporter, is 1-866-457-2377.

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