The “Bulls” make their appearance at Agribition

Day two of Agribition features the premiere of new entertainment at the massive show.

Bull Fighters Only (BFO)is a freestyle bullfighting event. This unprecedented event represents the ultimate man vs. bull showdown, featuring top contenders in the sport. Organizers promise, no bulls will be harmed in this event. 

Agribition describes the show as an event where spectators can expect a thrilling show as elite European athletes compete in the famed Spanish “Concurso de Recortadores,” vying for the honor of becoming the first-ever champion on North American soil. The show starts at 7:00pm at Brandt Centre.

“We are thrilled to bring this unique event to Regina for all attendees to enjoy something new and different,” said Shaun Kindopp, CEO of CWA.  

The two day “Grain Expo” opens as part of Agribition today in the Queensbury Convention Centre. The two days of speaker conferences is designed for industry leaders, suppliers, and entrepreneurs and will focus on Ag technology and accessing resources.

The Indigenous Agricultural Summit also gets started today.

And of course there are the usual booths and displays as well as show judging, competitions and more.

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