Major Canadian Railways Slide in Grain Deliveries: ATC

CN and CPKC Rail supplied a combined 84% of hopper cars ordered in grain week 8, a decline from the previous week’s 88% order fulfillment performance and the worst performance of the year so far.

This also marks the 3rd consecutive week in which we’ve seen a decline in overall system performance.

The deterioration in overall performance reflects a decline in performance for each of CN and CPKC.

In supplying 86% of hopper cars ordered on time in week 8, CN saw performance decline from the 87% order fulfillment performance they posted in week 7.

CN performance remains below the 90% performance threshold for the fourth consecutive week and for the fifth time in the last six weeks.

CPKC order fulfillment performance declined more significantly with the railway supplying 82% of shipper orders in week 8 as compared to 90% order fulfillment performance in week 7.

This represents CPKC’s worst performance of the current grain year thus far and marks the first time in 24 weeks that the railway has not supplied 90% or more of shipper orders.

(Ag Transport Coalition news release)

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