Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Minister Heads to Mexico

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit is leading a trade and investment mission to Mexico to further international relationships, investment attraction and opportunities in the agriculture and mining sectors.

“It is important for us to get out and tell our sustainability story across the globe, especially in key jurisdictions like Mexico who is our fourth largest trading partner,” Marit said. “As we work to keep Saskatchewan’s economy strong, it’s important to prioritize important markets and the relationships we have with them. We look forward to using this mission to grow our network, increase collaboration and explore new ventures that benefit both parties.”

Members of Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) will be joining the delegation to attend the Food Tech Summit and Expo in Mexico City. The Food Tech Summit is a gathering of over 20,000 buyers, investors, and experts in the agri-foods industry. STEP and the rest of the delegation will be hosting a booth and attending various events to position Saskatchewan as the destination of choice for agri-foods innovation and investment.

“Expanding business into export markets is critical for our long-term success,” C-Merak CEO Brett Casavant said. “New markets open many possibilities but also complexities dealing within different regulations and cultures. With support from Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, Government of Saskatchewan’s Mexico Trade Office, and the Canadian Embassy, we can access trusted expertise to connect us with local companies and explore new opportunities. The delegation to FoodTech is a perfect example of working together to showcase Saskatchewan ingredients and food to Mexico’s growing market.”  

The delegation also plans to meet with several agri-food companies outside of the summit.

In addition to continuing agriculture opportunities with Mexico, the mission will also focus on promoting Saskatchewan’s mining sector. Minister Marit will be meeting with some of Mexico’s most prominent mining companies and investors to discuss Saskatchewan’s mining capabilities, industry innovations and sustainability practices. 

In 2022, Saskatchewan’s trade to Mexico exceeded $1 billion for the first time in provincial history. Exports to Mexico highlight our strong agriculture capacity, with agri-food exports accounting for over 97 per cent of total exports. Canola oil, canola seed and non-durum wheat make up the top three exports. Canola seed made up 54.5 per cent of total exports to Mexico, with a total value of over $557 million. 

Also in 2022, the province opened an international office in Mexico City, which plays a key part in growing Saskatchewan’s exports.

The minister’s delegation will depart on September 25, and return on September 29.

(Government of Saskatchewan news release)

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