Rail Service Declines During Grain Week 7: Ag Transport Coalition

CN and CPKC Rail supplied a combined 88% of hopper cars ordered in grain week 7, a decline from the previous week’s 92% order fulfillment performance and the worst performance of the year so far.

The deterioration in overall performance reflects a decline in performance for each of CN and CPKC.

In supplying 87% of hopper cars ordered on time in week 7, CN saw performance decline from the 88% order fulfillment performance they posted in week 6.

CN performance remains below the 90% performance threshold for the third consecutive week and for the fourth time in the last five weeks.

CPKC order fulfillment performance declined more significantly with the railway supplying 90% of shipper orders in week 7 as compared to 95% order fulfillment performance in week 6.

Despite the decline CPKC continues its run with now 23 straight weeks with order fulfillment performance at or above the 90% threshold.

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