Manitoba Harvest Now 64% Complete: Crop Report

Harvest progress sits at 64% complete across the province, which is ahead of the 5-year average (54%).
Harvest continues in spring cereal crops, with barley at 95% complete, oats at 95% complete and spring wheat at 93% complete.
Overall, cereal crops remain in fair to mostly good condition.
Many corn fields had achieved growth stage R6 and were drying down. Canola harvest continues with approximately 55% of the acres being harvested across the province.
Soybean fields are mostly in the R7 to R8 growth stages with harvest progress sitting at 21% provincially.
Producers are encouraged to scout their fields for weeds that have escaped control.
This is an important part of integrated pest management.
Waterhemp has been found in the Central and Eastern regions and producers should seek identification of any unusual pigweeds in their fields.

(Government of Manitoba news release)

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