Award segment being added to Canadian Western Agribition

The Animal AgTech Sector will have a place within Canadian Western Agribition.

CEO of Agribition Shaun Kindopp announced the launch of the Canadian Animal AgTech Awards.

“We want to continue to be an industry leader in the livestock sector,” Kindopp said. “We want to be able to give a lot of the Animal AgTech people a bit of a home and there isn’t a world-wide home at the moment; there’s conferences and what not but there’s not a place where people can come and demonstrate what they have in the livestock sector and up-and-coming tech, so we thought being Canada’s largest livestock event it was our duty to try and give them a home.”

He notes 4 finalists will be selected in 3 categories – Most Innovative, Rising Star, and Animal AgTech Business of the Year.

Kindopp says the finalists will get a booth space in the show to be able to promote themselves.

“They will also pitch to a panel of industry experts, and they will show what they have to offer, a little bit about their businesses,” he adds. “If you win an award at Agribition we want it to be a very prestegious event, meaning you won it at Canada’s largest livestock event and argueably one of the more prominent livestock events in the world.”

Deloitte is one of the partners supporting the Animal AgTech Awards, along with Economic Development Regina and Innovation Saskatchewan.

“This is something we feel is going to be very big, so we want to make sure that we have some places that have some international reach and a brand that really carries some weight and we truly feel that Deloitte and the team they have over there is definitely that partner,” Kindopp said. “We got a lot of partners that do have a lot of experience in business growth and we’re very happy with the partnerships that we have and we’re very excited to grow this alongside our partners.”

The application deadline for the awards is October 6.

This year’s Agribition runs from November 20-25.

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