37% of Manitoba Harvest Complete: Crop Report

Harvest progress sits at 37% complete across the province, which is ahead of the 5-year average (31%).
Winter wheat and fall rye harvest is complete (100%).
Yield reports are averaging about 60 bu/acre for winter wheat and 70 bu/acre for fall rye.
Harvest continues in spring cereal crops, with barley at 65% complete, oats at 71% complete and spring wheat at 70% complete.
Overall, cereal crops remain in fair to mostly good condition.
Corn is mainly in the R5 (dent) growth stages.
Canola crops ranged from the swathing/pre-harvest application
stage to harvest ready.
A limited number of very late seeded canola acres were in late pod fill with straw and pod colour change ongoing.
Canola harvest has started with approximately 14% of the acres being harvested across the province, with 30% complete in the Central Region.
Field pea harvest is near completion with approximately
94% of acres harvested.
Soybean fields are mostly in the R7 to R8 growth stages with harvest beginning on some early maturing fields in the Central region.

(Government of Manitoba news release)

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