Two ag organizations form partnership to address straw shortage

Two farm groups are working together to address a shortage of straw, as a result of drought conditions in parts of Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) and the Saskatchewan Seed Forage Development Commission (SSFDC) are facilitating a forage straw drop among producers in the northeast.

President of the Stock Growers Garner Deobald says the northeast region has a considerable amount of straw.

“It’s another opportunity to make that connection with other producers here that maybe can arrange something that will help us out through this coming winter.” Deobald said.

Producers in need of forage or straw can fill out an online form on the Saskatchewan Stock Growers website.

“That connection will be made then with forage seed producers, and if there is straw available they will help out in making that connection, so it is a simple process,” he said.

He says they have partners in other areas that may be willing to help, including irrigation districts and other producers.

Producers can contact the Stock Growers office at (306) 757-8527 should they have any questions about the forage straw drop.

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