Pulse Crop Expectations decline in Latest AAFC Report

Reductions in pulse output for 2023-24 were among the many revisions Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada made to its August supply and demand report on Friday.

Most of Canada’s pulses are grown on the Prairies, and in particular southern Alberta and western Saskatchewan, which happen to be the driest parts of the region, leading to declines in production this year along with reduced acres.

In AAFC’s latest outlook for principal field crops, dry pea production was down 200,000 tonnes at 2.7 million, and a fair bit less than the 3.42 million harvested in 2022-23.

Lentils were also lowered, from 2.1 million tonnes in July to now 1.8 million.

Dry bean production lost 20,000 tonnes at 300,000, going from more than the 313,000 tonnes combined in 2022-23 to less than that amount.

The production of chickpeas was reduced by 25,000 tonnes at 170,000, but that’s still better than the 128,000 in 2022-23.

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