Sandhills Grazing and Restoration Field Day near Abbey, SK commences this afternoon

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association is co-hosting a Field Day event dedicated to grazing management and grassland restoration.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Foundation (SSGF) and South of the Divide Conservation Action Program (SODCAP) are the other co-hosts.

President of the Stock Growers Garner Deobald says it starts at noon today (Tues) with an information session from the Abbey Business and Community Centre in Abbey, Saskatchewan.

Topics include grazing management and strategies in the Sandhills, carbon storage and sequestration in native grasslands, native grassland restoration, and funding opportunities for native grassland projects.

Following the information session in Abbey, a field tour at Blocks Ranching will commence, with everything wrapping up at 5 p.m.

“It will get us out on to the land, just to see how the various species of grass are doing and also give us some ideas on how to reclaim or restore some of the grasslands here. We’re looking at putting a native species back in again and some other strategies, I think, in trying to do a better job of establishing or maintaining some of the grasslands.” he said.

Deobald went on to say farmers and ranchers are good at restoring grasslands, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn new things.

“I would encourage anyone that can make it out for the Sandhills Grazing Field Day, it would be a great opportunity to get together and compare some notes, and hopefully learn some new things,” Deobald said.

You can find details of today’s Field Day on the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association Facebook Page. You can also register by calling 306-861-2688. 

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