Lygus Bugs Damaging Manitoba Crops

Lygus bugs are being found at high levels in some canola fields, with some insecticide applications having occurred, although in many fields the pods and seeds have advanced to the point where Lygus will no longer be of concern.

Flea beetle levels are also high in many canola fields, often feeding on the upper pods.

Diamondback moths are still quite noticeable in some canola fields as well.

Green cloverworms are at levels causing noticeable feeding on the upper leaves in many fields of soybeans and dry beans, with some insecticide applications having occurred.

Concerns over soybean aphids are decreasing; many soybean fields have reached the R6 growth stage (seeds in top pods are large and fill the pod cavity), and insect predators of soybean aphids have noticeably increased in some areas.

Grasshoppers are still a problem in some fields.

Fall field crickets are quite noticeable again this year, and in some instances have been noted climbing and feeding on the heads of wheat, although not at levels that would require control.

There are no economic thresholds for crickets in wheat, as they
are not regarded as a major pest of cereal crops.

(Government of Manitoba news reslease)

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