Water Security Agency offers 50-50 rebate for communities undertaking flood prevention projects

Communities that are implementing preventative measures against flooding can cover up to half the cost through a rebate from the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.

The 50/50 rebate, through the Flood Damage Reduction Program, is for cities, towns, villages, and hamlets at-risk of flood damage.

WSA Spokesman Sean Osmar says this type of program is offered annually.

The Agency notes any funds that have not been spent in the spring under the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program transitions to the FDRP.

Up to $100-thousand can be covered through the rebate, which Osmar says can really take some financial burden off of a town.

Projects that are acceptable include hydrologic and/or hydraulic investigations to develop risk assessments; flood mapping projects; mitigation planning, where municipalities develop emergency flood response plans or potential flood damage prevention construction designs; and, construction of permanent flood protection works.

Osmar says the Flood Damage Reduction Program usually has strong uptake, but admitted it varies from year to year.

Applications are being accepted until October 1st and projects need to be complete by March 31st next year.

A list of eligible costs and how to apply is online at wsask.ca/water.

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