Grain movement will likely be impacted as B.C. ports start clearing backlog

Grain movement at Canada’s west coast ports wasn’t seriously impacted by the British Columbia port workers strike last month.

But the next few months might be a different story. 

Mark Hemmes is the President of Quorum Corporation.  Quorum tracks grain movement in the country.  

He says the volume of grain that has been moving recently has been really good but he says there is also a good chance that issues will arise in the coming months.  

Hemmes says with the prairie harvest starting to ramp up grain movement to the B.C. ports will be picking up, just as they will be trying to clear the backlog of goods created by the strike.

Hemmes says it’s going to take a couple of months to clean up the backlog and it will likely have a bit of a backlash on grain movement. 

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