APAS Asks Grain Farmers to Help Livestock Producers in the Event of Drought

Saskatchewan farmers forced to write off drought-afflicted crops are being asked to consider ways to turn those crops into cattle feed instead.

According to Agriculture Canada’s most recent drought monitor report, 76 per cent of the country’s agricultural landscape is either abnormally dry or experiencing moderate to severe drought this summer.

Cattle producers in the Prairie provinces have complained of feed shortages as hay and other grazing crops wither and die.

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan says it’s encouraging crop farmers to help their neighbours who have cattle by converting crops to livestock feed.

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation allows farmers who have had to write off crops this summer due to low yields or grasshopper damage to divert those crops to feed.

Farm groups are encouraging producers to allow a neighbour to cut and bale the crop, or even put up temporary fencing around their written-off acres so that they can be used for grazing instead.

(Canadian Press)

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