New Seed Drill unveiled by Morris Equipment, Bourgault hosting seeding demonstrations

A product launch and demonstrations highlighted day 2 at Ag-in-Motion.

Colin Rush, the North American Sales Leader with Bourgault Industries, says they’re hosting seeding demonstrations at their booth, located at lot number 501.

“It’s always great to walk behind things but it’s great to see actually what those openers do in the field while we’re live seeding.” Rush said, adding demonstrations are tomorrow (Thurs) at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The product launch came courtesy of Morris Equipment, as Canadian Sales Manager Garth Massie introduced a new 80-foot Quantum Seed Drill.

“This is an expansion of the Quantum Air Drill, we’ve added a larger size. As farms have grown bigger there’s a need for larger equipment; formerly we only went up to 70 feet, now we’re helping out some of those customers that have been asking for something larger.” Massie said.

“It’s going to fit the bill for a lot of customers and (there’s) been a lot of positive response to it,” he added.

He says the new 80 foot seed drill is available now.

Meantime, Ag-in-Motion had some rain Tuesday, which was welcomed by many, including Show Director Rob O’Connor, who said about two-thirds of an inch of rain fell that day.

“We had a shower last year but nothing quite like yesterday,” O’Connor said. “It adds a bit more workload for our team to prepare the site for people to come in this morning, but they’re out there working…and they’re doing a great job out there so I’m very proud of the team for getting here early and getting the place ready.”

The final day of Ag in Motion is tomorrow (Thurs).

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