More exhibitors at Ag-in-Motion

Ag-in-Motion is underway and it already set a new record for exhibitors at the annual show.

Show Director Rob O’Connor said 580 exhibitors are at this year’s event, surpassing the previous record of 562 from 2018.

“We did not change the physical size of the show, what we did to incorporate the new exhibitors is we reorganized some of the areas of the show,” O’Connor said. “For instance, you’ll see themed areas like irrigation alley. and again like last year the Ag tech tent…we have a new drone demo space where six companies come together to create that.”

The 3-day show features equipment demonstrations featuring the latest technology, including autonomous machinery, high-speed tillage equipment, and state-of-the-art sprayers; crop plots with the newest seed varieties and crop protection products; events to connect farmers and industry; and programming at BMO Livestock Central for livestock producers.

There was also a product launch Tuesday morning from CLAAS as they introduced two new tractor lines – the Xerion 12 series and Arion 600 series.

“With innovative features and a bold design, these tractors will become the go-to choice for farmers looking to take their productivity to the next level,” said Frans Reijmers, CLAAS North America Product Manager – Tractors in a news release. “We have taken into account the valuable input our customers have given us, and we are excited to see how these tractors will deliver on their needs.”

Reijmers didn’t get into the specifics of costs, but told reporters demand for them has been very positive.

“We have the first units coming to the show here and they will go directly to the first owners. We’re sold out all our production for this year, the pre-series already, and we’re well on our way  to outsell pretty much what we’re offering next year, the intake has been extremely positive so far,” Reijmers said. “It fits the market perfectly…it given us confidence that we’re doing something right.”

Ag-in-Motion runs until Thursday from the Discovery Farm Langham site, northwest of Saskatoon.

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