Grand openings for new UFA Cooperative locations in Yorkton and Weyburn

The UFA Cooperative is expanding to east-central and southeast Saskatchewan.

A grand opening was being held today (Wed) at the Yorkton location on 309 Fitchner Road, and a second grand opening will be held tomorrow (Thurs) at the Weyburn location on 2 Cossette Lane.

President and CEO of UFA Cooperative Scott Bolton says they see Yorkton and Weyburn as important regional hubs.

“We picked what we feel to be good locations (that) have good transportation access in all directions in both cases, and also I think it speaks to what we believe is the economic trajectory of both communities,” Bolton explained. “They’re both important regional centres with expansion programs – in terms of investment and agriculture and other industries – that have been announced or expected to be announced, and we feel both economies are growing and we have an opportunity to be a part of that story.”

Bolton noted the company has been doing business in Saskatchewan for 25 years with 3 other locations in Swift Current, Kindersley, and Macklin. The majority are in Alberta.

“Looking forward we see real opportunity to expand our network, and already are with the construction of a new facility in Saskatoon, and I think it lines up with, frankly, the direction of the province which is growing significantly in agriculture and other industries and we see an opportunity to be a part of that growth.” he added.

UFA offers a diesel product called Dieselex Gold, which Bolton touts as increasing efficiency and performance.

And the feedback for their products, Bolton says, has been very positive.

“You have to get your name put forward as we’re doing right now with this interview and our marketing efforts to get the word out, but I’ll tell you…the customers and members that we have signed up and are using our services, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn’t be more pleased and more excited to be part of these vibrant communities.”

More information about the UFA Cooperative can be found on their website.

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