Latest Manitoba Crop Report Shows More Rain Needed

Rainfall was received in most regions of Manitoba this past week but amounts varied by region from low levels to excessive.

Areas that did receive significant rainfall have commented the crops have improved slightly from the previous week.

Crop development has been rapid but there is some concern for producers choosing to spray for fusarium head blight as crops are advancing rapidly and growers do not
want to miss the narrow spray window.

Corn growth stage ranged from V6 to V8 leaf stage for the earliest seeded fields.

Canola ranged from two to four leaf stage on late seeded and re-seeded fields to full flower on the earliest seeded fields.

Most fields ranged from the early bolting to flowering stage.

In lower rainfall areas, growers remain concerned about uneven and stagey canola stands which are proving difficult to manage in terms of herbicide and fungicide timing.

(Government of Manitoba news release)

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