Russian Invasion of Ukraine Will Mean Years of Recovery for its Agriculture Sector

According to a Kyiv-based research centre, Ukraine’s agricultural sector could take 20 years or more in parts, to recover from the ravages of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Ukraine is a major global grower and exporter of wheat, corn, sunflower and sunflower oil, but its production has fallen sharply since the war started in February 2022.

According to the modelling results, some of the sectors will not reach the pre-war levels even after seven years of peace.

It said the sunflower, barley and wheat sectors were expected to recover by 2040, while the maize, rye, oats and rapeseed sectors were expected to recover by 2050.

Ukraine harvested 106 million tonnes of grain and oilseed in 2021 before the invasion, but output could decrease to around 65 million tonnes in 2023.

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