Spring Seeding Wraps Up in Manitoba

Seeding is complete in Manitoba except in regions where reseeding may occur due to recent storms.

Crops in the southwest region are being assessed due to a recent storm that moved through the region last week.

Damage to the crops is still uncertain as cereals are looking reasonable, but other crops like canola, soybean, and sunflower
appear to be severely affected.

Damage is still being assessed.

Spring cereal fields range anywhere from two leaf to very early flag stage.

Crops have shown rapid development and remain in good condition.

Soybean emergence has been variable in some regions due to seed sitting in dry soil; however, most soybean stands are quite

Growers continued to monitor fields for flea beetles in canola but in some regions the crop is advanced to the point where flea beetles are no longer a concern.

(Government of Manitoba News Release)

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