Farm Groups Pushing for Passage of Federal Bill that Would Provide Carbon Tax Relief

Canadian farm groups are urging senators to pass an important piece of legislation before Parliament rises for the summer.

The Alberta Federation of Agriculture, Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s Keystone Agricultural Producers, are urging senators to pass Bill C-234 before the end of the month.

This bill, introduced by a Conservative MP in the House of Commons, would provide carbon tax exemptions on propane and natural gas used for drying grain and heating barns.

If the bill is not passed before Parliament rises, senators would pick up the process on Bill C-234 when the fall sitting begins.

Dr. Sylvan Charlebois from Dalhousie University estimates that by 2030, when the carbon tax is expected to reach $170 per tonne, a 5,000-acre farm could pay more than $150,000 in new taxes.

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