Short railway companies receiving $530-thousand to upgrade infrastructure

The Saskatchewan government is providing $530-thousand in funding to help short line railway companies upgrade track and other infrastructure.

Other upgrades would include expansion, improved crossing surfaces and sightlines, bridge maintenance, and track rehabilitations

The province says in a news release “grants are determined based on how much track each short line owns.”

For example, a small network with less than 80 kilometres of track would receive at least $25-thousand, while a larger network would receive a proportional amount based on how much track they operate.

Provincial grants cover up to 50 per cent of eligible project costs.

The following railway companies have been allocated funding:

  • Thunder Rail $25,000
  • Torch River Rail $25,000
  • Northern Lights Rail $25,000
  • Southern Rails Cooperative $25,000
  • Long Creek Railroad $25,000
  • Wheatland Rail $25,000
  • Red Coat Road & Rail $25,000
  • Stewart Southern Railway $28,297
  • Last Mountain Railway $29,155
  • Carlton Trail Railway $37,515
  • Great Sandhills Railway $43,089
  • Big Sky Rail $87,035
  • Great Western Railway $129,909

“The short line rail industry plays a pivotal role in bolstering our economy by efficiently transporting agricultural goods and a multitude of other products across our growing province,” Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said in the release. “Our commitment to this program ensures ongoing provision of grants to short lines, empowering them to enhance their tracks through upgrades and expansion projects.”

There are 13 provincially regulated short line railways in Saskatchewan that operate on 2,123 kilometres of track, primarily transporting grain.

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