June public offering of oil and gas parcels nets province over $9.3-million

The latest public offering of oil and gas parcels in Saskatchewan netted the province over $9.3-million dollars.

The Estevan area generated the most interest, bringing in just over $4-million for 52 leases totalling over 52-hundred hectares.

The Kindersley area also saw considerable interest, bringing in $3.6-million for 10 leases totalling over 65-hundred hectares.

Accepted bids in the Lloydminster area brought in over $1.7-million for 26 leases totalling over 72-hundred hectares.

The highest bonus bid received on a lease was over $1.3-million from Whispering Hills Resources Ltd. for a 1,042.36 hectare lease northeast of Dodsland in the Kindersley area.

The highest dollar-per-hectare bid received was for $9,172.44 per hectare, for a 32.31 hectare lease in the Estevan area, awarded to Surge Energy Inc.

After two of six public offerings this fiscal year, the province has received over $20.4-million in revenue, with the next sale on August 8th.

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