Crop Pests Emerging in Saskatchewan

Although it’s still early in the growing season, some insect pests have already posed a threat to crops in Saskatchewan or could do so in the near future.

That’s according to James Tansey, provincial specialist for insects/invertebrate pest management.

Among the pests he cited were grasshoppers, flea beetles and pea leaf weevils. 

Tansey says the grasshopper hatch is well underway in Saskatchewan, but recent rains could change how much of a problem they become. 

Tansey stresses the need for vigilance with farmers checking their crops and the surrounding areas for signs of grasshoppers and other pests.

He says there has been estimates of 50 to 70 grasshopper nymphs per square meter in ditches, which normal rates tend to be around 40. 

There have also been reports of striped and crucifer flea beetles in the province, especially in the central area. 

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