Grain Deliveries in April Up, Year-Over-Year

Producer deliveries of major grains last month were up nearly 40 per cent when compared to April 2022, according to Statistics Canada.

In April 2023, more than 3.44 million tonnes of grain were delivered, versus 2.46 million a year ago.

The uptick in deliveries continued to demonstrate the sizeable harvest farmers reaped in 2022.

Canola deliveries April-over-April jumped almost 41 per cent at more than 1.22 million tonnes.

Those for wheat climbed 30 per cent at over 1.64 million tonnes.

In terms of percentage, the sharpest increase came in barley, which at 285,676 tonnes, almost doubled from April 2022.

The smallest uptick was in rye, rising 5.6 per cent at 16,716 tonnes.

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