Cattle Market Update: Alberta feeder prices strong, number of cattle sold in Sask. slightly down

Alberta feeder cattle prices were strong overall last week.

That’s according to the latest Cattle Market Update from Canfax for the period of May 22-26.

Provincial Cattle Specialist Fonda Froats says Saskatchewan feeder steer and heifer prices were unavailable due to a lack of sufficient data.

However, Canfax did note a total of 4,271 head of cattle were sold in Saskatchewan last week, just down from 4,827 head the previous week.

In the last Cattle Market Report of the season, Froats said feeder steer prices in Alberta were mixed among the reported weight categories last Friday; prices ranged from from $366.50 per hundredweight (cwt) for the 300-400lb category to $255.90 per cwt for the 900+lb weight category.

She said the average weekly prices for Alberta heifers on May 26 were down in the lower weight categories, but higher in weights above 700 pounds. Prices ranged from from $318.67 per cwt for the 300-400lb category to $230.17 per cwt for the 800+lb category.

“We continue to see feeder marketings on the seasonal decline but still strong buying interest and then some feeders are heading south which is supporting the prices as well,” Froats said.

She says the Canfax price for Alberta fed steers reported on May 26 was $238.26 per cwt, up $115 per cwt compared to the prior week, which was $237.11, adding . fed prices have strengthened in 22 out of the past 23 weeks.

According to the report, “prices of Alberta cows reported on May 26 were up compared to May 19. The price of D2 cows increased on average 6.17 per cwt from the week prior to average $154.00 per cwt. D3 cows were up similarly $6.35 over the prior week, ending the week at an average of $138.25 per cwt.”

The Cattle Market report will likely resume in August, depending on marketing activity.

You can hear the interview with Fonda Froats below.

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