Saskatchewan Tractor Damaged by Water in Fuel Tank

Police in Saskatchewan are investigating a situation involving a farm tractor and water.

Over the last two weeks, Biggar RCMP say a Case IH 620Q tractor on the Golden View Hutterite Colony, had water purposely put into its diesel tank.

The water caused the fuel pumps to fail, and the farmers only discovered the water in the tank when the tractor went for service in Saskatoon.

Diesel and water don’t mix, making for a troublesome situation inside the tank.

Products are available to determine if water is in a diesel tank.

Dieselcarft, for example, manufactures a test kit.

A user fills a test tube with fuel. If there’s water in the fuel, the bottom of the tube will change colour.

Other products are available to remove water from diesel tanks.

Aquafighter, for example, is one.

It’s described as a “diesel tank water absorber designed to remove both free and emulsified water from the fuel tanks of, agricultural and industrial machinery, storage tanks, generator and oil heating tanks.

Anyone with information about the damaged tractor in Saskatchewan is asked to contact Biggar RCMP.

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