Russia Not Abiding by Black Sea Grain Deal

The Ukrainian port of Pivdennyi has halted operations because Russia is not allowing ships to enter it, in effect cutting it out of a deal allowing safe Black Sea grain exports.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative signed by Russia and Ukraine last July, and extended last week for two months, is intended to guarantee the safe wartime export of grains and foodstuffs from three Ukrainian ports: Odesa, Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi.

The United Nations, which together with Turkey, brokered the deal and its extension, expressed concern that Pivdennyi — near Odesa on the Black Sea — had not received any ships since May 2nd under the deal.

Under the agreement, all ships bound for Ukrainian ports must be inspected by a joint team including Russian inspectors.

The Russian inspectors have refused to inspect ships bound for Pivdennyi since April 29th.

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