Additional Province-wide Support for Saskatchewan Producers Impacted by Wildlife Damage

Today, Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit announced further support for Saskatchewan producers through enhancement of the Wildlife Damage Prevention Program.

“We continue to respond to the needs of our producers,” Marit said. “Prevention measures play an important role to limit further damage. We are implementing changes to our existing prevention program to mitigate impact of wildlife on stacked forage winterfeed supplies.”

The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) administers the Wildlife Damage Prevention Fund. Producers can receive funding for steps taken to prevent wildlife damage to feed supplies. Funding for fencing is available. Producers who have received compensation greater than $2,000 per feed storage site may be eligible to receive a fence package to protect their future feed supplies. SCIC will inform eligible producers of prevention options and work with them to determine the appropriate package. Once a fence is constructed, a site is no longer eligible for wildlife damage compensation.

Saskatchewan producers are eligible for compensation on damaged crops and livestock caused by wildlife through the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. Producers should reach out to their local SCIC office by calling 1-888-935-0000 as soon as damage is detected.

For more information about the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program visit

(Government of Saskatchewan News Release)

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