Some Saskatchewan Ranchers to get Increased Compensation for Forage Lost to Wildlife

Producers in southwestern and west-central Saskatchewan who lost stacked forage to wildlife feeding last winter may see a bump up in their compensation.

The Saskatchewan and federal governments have announced a “supplemental freight adjustment” to their wildlife damage compensation program, administered by Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation.

SCIC has “reassessed and finalized” the 2022-23 program’s values for forage products to include an adjustment payment, meant to compensate eligible producers for the additional cost of transporting feed.

The adjustment is meant to reflect “higher-than-normal replacement feed costs in specific parts of the province.”

The adjustment will only apply on program claims registered between Sept. 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, and only on claims for stacked forage yard sites in the southwest and west-central regions of the province.

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