2022 a record year for mineral sales in Saskatchewan

Mineral sales in Saskatchewan last year reached an all-time high.

Sales were $19.4-billion, thanks to increased production, higher prices in response to supply disruptions and increasing global demand.

The provincial government says the reopening of the McArthur River mine in northern Saskatchewan allowed for increased production of uranium.

They add 136-thousand ounces of gold was extracted from the Seabee mine, the highest production numbers in over 30 years.

“These numbers show what a powerhouse Saskatchewan has become at supplying the world with minerals,” Energy and Resources Minister Jim Reiter said in a news release. “The success of our natural resource sector directly influences our quality of life in Saskatchewan by providing jobs and revenue for social services and infrastructure, like highways, hospitals and schools.”

Saskatchewan has 23 of the 31 critical minerals on Canada’s list.

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