Manitoba Crop Report Shows Spring Seeding is Well Underway

Seeding progress across Manitoba is moving at a rapid pace with the recent warm weather.

In the northwest, it was a warm and windy week across the region with the exception of a storm that rolled through parts of the region midweek.

The Dauphin-Ste. Rose area received approximately 30 mm of rain with Drifting River station receiving 48 mm in a short period.

Hail also occurred in Ste. Rose, Dauphin and Gilbert Plains.

Planting in these areas was slowed while conditions dried up.

Areas that did not receive precipitation from the storm are starting to see dry conditions in the topsoil.

Spring wheat seeding progress is well underway across the region.

Approximately 90% complete in Roblin area; 65% complete in Swan Valley and Dauphin; and 50% complete in The Pas.

Earliest seeded spring wheat in Roblin and Swan Valley is emerged.

They’re seeing overall good winter wheat survival.

Canola seeding started across the entire region over the weekend and is approximately 10% complete.

Field peas are 80% complete across the region.

Soybean seeding is underway in the Dauphin region.

In Southwest Manitoba , seeding also progressed rapidly during last week, with most producers seeding cereals.

Spring wheat is 45% complete, with barley at 30%, and oats at 20% complete.

Many producers are waiting until they finish cereals before starting on canola.

Currently canola seeding progress is in the 5-10% range.

In addition, they are waiting for low spots to dry out; as a recent rain has pushed intentions back a few days in some areas.

Field pea seeding is at 75-80% complete.

Peas seeded at the beginning of May are starting to emerge.

Soybean seeding has also started in some southern areas, with approximately 10% seeding complete.

Seeding of grain corn has also started.

(Government of Manitoba News Release)

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