Farmers Urged to Scout for Pests Early

Although it’s still relatively early in the crop year, Manitoba entomologist John Gavloski strongly advises farmers to carefully watch their fields for any signs of insect pests.

Gavloski couldn’t say for sure if insect damage was going to be bad this year, but based on what’s transpired over the last three years, he says it depends on conditions, especially for flea beetles and canola.

Gavloski also advises to watch for signs of cutworms in canola, wheat, sunflowers and other crops.

Grasshoppers are another potential pest that need to be high on one’s scouting list.

Gavloski notes the last few years have been “conducive for grasshopper populations to build.”

Besides the above three pests, the entomologist says there’s always a chance of the winds carrying in other pests — something that cannot be predetermined.

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