Indonesia Reports ASF Outbreak

Indonesia has reported an outbreak of African swine fever on a farm near Singapore.

The outbreak that killed 35,297 pigs in a herd of 285,034 on a farm located on Bulan island was detected on April 1st and confirmed on April 28th.

African swine fever is not dangerous to humans but is fatal for pigs.

It has plagued China for years, with an initial wave during 2018 and 2019 killing millions of pigs and leading to a dramatic decline in meat output that roiled global markets.

China is facing a recent surge in infections this year.

The source of the Indonesian outbreak is still unknown but veterinary authorities say that humans, vehicles, feed, flies and wild boar may have played an important role in the introduction of ASF on the farm.

Indonesia is already up against another major livestock disease outbreak, after foot-and-mouth disease turned up there in April last year.

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