ATC reports Both Major Railways Provided Great Service in Grain Week 38

CN and CPKC Rail supplied a combined 99% of hopper cars ordered in grain week 38, an improvement from the previous week’s 94%, and the best one week performance seen thus far during the 2022-23 grain year.

The improvement reflects improved performance for each of CN and CPKC.

In supplying 98% of hopper cars ordered on time in week 38, CN’s performance improved from the 93% order fulfillment performance seen in week 37 and remained above the 90% performance threshold for the second straight week and 6th time in the last 7 weeks.

CPKC order fulfillment performance also improved, with the railway supplying 99% of cars ordered, up from the 96% order fulfillment performance seen the previous week.

CPKC also remains above the 90% threshold for the second straight week and 5th time in the last six weeks.

Weeks 37 and 38 represent the best two weeks of performance seen for CP during the current grain year.

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