No concern for spring flooding from last week’s storm: Sask. Water Security Agency

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency says there is little reason to worry about spring runoff from last week’s heavy snowstorm.

Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency says cooler weather has prompted a slow, steady melt of snow this week.

“It’ll add to a lot of those peak flows that have already made their way through a lot of the systems,” Boyle said.

In parts of the southeast, where the most snowfall was accumulated from last week’s storm, Boyle says the snowpack went from 15cm to 8cm, according to their recent measurements, with no sign of flooding.

“Really not expecting a significant stream-flow response because of the temperatures and from that melt, so we kind of went from very warm temperatures and now its cooled off and its going slow.” Boyle added.

He says flows in the southwest are getting back to normal, while in the Qu’Appelle lakes, water continues to flow through.

“A lot of it is going to be similar to what happened in the spring of 2022, so no flooding issues expected. We will see Last Mountain Lake get a bit higher than in 2022, but outside of that, no issues expected.”

Below is the interview with Patrick Boyle with the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.

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